PERSONALISED Pack of 12 HB pencils with eraser

PERSONALISED Pack of 12 HB pencils with eraser

With the world trying to get back to (a slightly different) normality, why not take extra precautions for you and/or your family. Whether it be at school, in the office/workplace or just day to day activities, have your very own pack of pencils personalised to prevent multiple person use. 


Each pack contains 12 unprinted natural hexagonal pencils in a HB lead grade, finished with a black ferrule and black eraser, to rub out those mistakes!. Packed into a clear plastic wallet and pre-sharpened. 


This product offers a personalised printing service- same print in UPPER case font across all 12 pencils in black ink. **Please ensure spelling and grammar is correct, as mistakes cannot be rectified once printed. In order to keep our production costs down, orders will be processed once a week, so the lead time may vary**


Ideal for children to keep and use at school, a fun activity item to keep you occupied, or a gift for a loved one

  • Care Instructions

    This item is a disposable product, so we can never guarantee the longevity of each pencil. 

    Not suitable for young children-parental supervision advised.