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Terms & Conditions

'Buyer' refers to the persons or organisation placing an order. 'Company', 'Seller' and/or 'Supplier' refers to the Manufacturer. 1. Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Supplier hereby limits acceptance of all purchase orders to the Buyer's strict acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein. 2. Pricing. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Supplier reserves the right to vary the price of Goods by notice to the Buyer at the time before delivery if there are any increase costs to the Company by reason of changes to specification, foreign exchange, altered duties or imports, increased cost of raw materials, labour, services or transport. 3. Payment Terms. All payments to be made in Sterling. All first orders placed with the Supplier are to be settled before start of production. Any future orders placed within 12 months are to be paid within 30 days from the date of invoice. Failure to pay by this date renders all invoices outstanding due and payable on demand and may delay other orders placed. Goods remain the property of the Supplier until paid for in full. The Company reserves the right to impose such rates of interest, as they find necessary, on overdue accounts and withhold further credit facilities. 4. Delivery. The Buyer will be notified at quotation stage of the approximate lead time anticipated. The Supplier will make every effort to meet the Buyer's deadline, but all despatch and completion dates are given in good faith and are therefore not guaranteed. No liability will be accepted for any losses, costs, damages or expense suffered by the Buyer as a result of failure to meet any such date. Many variables exist outside the control of the Company that can affect despatch dates including staff shortage, low stock levels, machinery failure or quality issues. The Buyer has the right to cancel any order on the conditions that the Company has not purchased the stock specifically for the Buyer's order, or the Goods have not been printed by the time a notification or cancellation has been received by the Company. 5. Acceptance. a) Goods must be inspected upon delivery. Buyer further agrees that within seven (7) calendar days from delivery, to notify the Company of any defect or problem with the product. Buyer's failure to provide notice to Seller within said time period shall constitute Buyer's acceptance and acknowledgement that there is no defect or problem with the Goods. b) Where the Buyer is reselling or redistributing the Goods to a third party, the Buyer must be happy that the Goods have been fully inspected and are to a satisfactory standard before distribution to the third party. The Supplier on no account whatsoever, is prepared to enter into a contractual agreement with the third party on behalf of the Buyer. Any contracts are strictly between the Company and the Buyer only. 6. Returns/Replacements. a) In order for the Buyer to receive a refund, credit or replacement, the Goods must be received back in original condition with no alterations to product or its packaging and the exact quantity originally delivered, before a replacement can be issued. *On deliveries outside of the United Kingdom, it is the Buyer's responsibility to return the Goods to the Company, the cost of return carriage to be paid by the Buyer. b) The Company cannot be held liable for incorrect specification or artwork supplied or artwork approved by the Buyer. The Company is not liable for an incorrect delivery address supplied by the Buyer. c) The Company will not issue a replacement, credit or refund in circumstances where colour matching has not been requested, but the order has been rejected on the basis of an incorrect colour/shade. d) The Company cannot be held liable for failing to replicate another manufacturer’s product, as different raw materials may have been used. This will not affect your statutory rights. 7. Specifications. The Company reserves the right to supply 5% above or below the quantity ordered by the Buyer. The Company will make every effort to supply exact quantities, but it must be accepted that excess material has to be printed to compensate for wastage and this cost is not included in any quotation. The Buyer will only pay for the exact quantity despatched at the unit price of the whole order. 8. Raw Materials. The Suppliers raw materials may vary between batches, depending on pricing and availability. On repeat orders, we cannot guarantee the same materials (wood type/ferrule/erasers) will be exactly as previously supplied. However, the Supplier will endeavour to meet previous requests. Please check with the Supplier prior to placing a repeat order that is older than 12 months. 9. Additional Services/Information. a) A colour matching service is available at the additional cost of £10-00 per colour required. The Supplier will make every effort to achieve a requested colour. But due to the way in which colours are created, sometimes an exact match is not always possible. b) Pre-production samples are available at a cost of £50-00 per colour/per design. This fee is non-refundable and requesting this service prior to bulk production may lengthen lead times. Bulk production will not commence until samples are approved. We do not offer a pre-production or pre-despatch photo service. c) The Buyer will be charged for any additional carriage service if required e.g. AM delivery. Price available on request. d) As the Supplier cannot guarantee the production of overs on an order, any additional file copies must be requested at time of order and will be chargeable. File copies will be despatched once the order is completed and not prior. e) Pencils use natural graphite, therefore it is likely and normal that small dust particles will settle on the barrels during transit. This can be removed with a damp or dry cloth. Alternatively, to reduce this risk, pencils can be supplied unsharpened at no extra cost. f) Free of charge samples and images are for demonstrative purposes only and are not to be seen as ‘stock items’. Unless a finish or colour is requested to be of a specific sample/image, the Customer’s order will not automatically match an example.

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